Imagine an Honest Landing Page.

As part of this big ol' book I'm busy writing, I'm now investigating the murky world of Landing Pages.

It's a scary place, where hope is bought and sold by people loudly shouting:

And there are so many landing pages. Just. So. Many. My eyes are rolling around googley in my head from this carousel of endless landing pages.

So many fragile ambitions, pushed out into the world. Desperate for attention.

What would an honest landing page look like? Something like this maybe:


Honesty is good. But it's easier to be honest when you have a genuinely good story to tell.

You don't need to be successful, or wonderful.

You just need to do something well.

If you're only in it as long as the metrics tell you to keep going: you'll quit at the first sign of hardship. (And that hardship will come along soon enough).

So, sure, follow all the advice, do all the things that are this year's latest fashion, "best practice" and so on. But underneath it all, you have to know what an honest version of your page would look like. And you have to ask yourself: if I was being perfectly brutally honest, would I still have a good story to tell?

I'm honestly writing a book that I'm qualified to write, and honestly making sure it is not a pack of goddamn lies.

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