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choose your
first product

4 Easy Steps to
Find and Validate a
Humble Product Idea

You want to make a digital product (a website, an app, a book, or a course)

But you need a good idea.

I don't mean an idea that will make a billion dollars. No honest book will claim that. You want an idea that will get you 10 real customers. And with it, a whole wealth of experience.

When you find and verify the right idea, marketing becomes easy. People will want to buy what you create.

And so we introduce the T-O-A-D. Look at that glorious mascot!

TOAD is a four-step process—a framework—that leads you to many good product ideas.

I'm a programmer, so I make frameworks incessantly. I didn't invent any of these steps. The best frameworks are extracted from real life. So it is with the TOAD. I'm a digital bee-keeper, bringing you honey.


We start with Target market: exploring 3 practical ways to choose your natural market.


Next, we have 3 ways to locate Obstacles, or problems, that prevent your Target market from progressing.


We build a rough prototype to overcome the obstacle. This is far less than a “Minimum Viable Product.”


Finally, we explore 3 ways to verify true Demand for the Answer you've provided.

Build true confidence

When you do the necessary research up front, you can proceed with confidence.

Not that phoney, loud kind of confidence; not false bravado. But the quiet kind of determined confidence, where you know you're working from a solid foundation with a realistic grasp on your odds of success.

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About the author

Leon is a product creator from Australia. He's a nervous public speaker, a bumbling software developer and a kind-hearted friend. His humble products include TimeSnapper, NimbleText, NimbleSET, several T-Shirts, and at least one other book.

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