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How Toby Downton Used Twitter to Perform Hyper-Focused Marketing for his book "Solarversia"

Salespeople love to be sold to. I've been researching 'marketing' so hard now that I've begun to "enjoy" being marketed to. It's a very strange experience.

I recently saw a piece of "guerilla" social-media marketing that I thought was pretty impressive.

I tweeted something about the Sci-Fi book I'm reading, "Ready Player One":

And later I received a tweet from a complete stranger, Toby Downton.

I was confused at first, because the reply wasn't linked to my tweet (it wasn't technically a reply) and I didn't know what "RPO" meant ("Ready Player One") -- but as soon as I worked it out, I was interested.

Yes, as a fan of the book Ready Player One I am also willing to be directly marketed to by authors of similar books!

Looking at Toby's timeline, he's sent that exact tweet hundreds of times, to pretty much anyone who has mentioned "Ready Player One". I'm not sure what tool he's used to help with his direct marketing campaign, but I definitely wish him the best, and will be reading his book soon. (After I write and ask him what tool he's used)

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