Concierge Onboarding

Onboarding is the process a customer goes through when they first begin to use your product. It may include video introductions, tooltip tours, interactive tutorials, or special 'achievements' intended to guide a user through the preliminary steps.

'Concierge Onboarding' is a process where you volunteer real human time to help customers through those initial steps. For example, they may need help migrating their data from an old system into your new system. Or your new system may require them to perform some complex configuration up front. You may organize a Skype call or a chat session or even a visit to their office.

Concierge Onboarding makes the most sense for recurring revenue products -- those that involve ongoing monthly or annual payments -- or for expensive products where every sale is significant.

But here is the crucial point. No matter how simple your product is: in those first fledgling months of your business, as you attempt to take flight, you should offer free Concierge Onboarding for all customers, because you will learn far more than your customer.

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