9 Modern Rules of SEO - Your First Product!

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9 Modern Rules of SEO

Here's a summary of the best modern SEO rules.

Good SEO is more and more about common sense and having a good site.

  • Don't use tricks, even if you get away with it today you will be caught eventually

  • Make good content that serves people's needs.

  • Use the keywords you are targeting, but don't 'stuff it' full of keywords, you can use varied phrasing of the same topic too. Research LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)*

  • Make your site fast. If it's slow, people will bounce, Google will notice and assume it doesn't help users.

  • Make your site easy to read on mobile too. At least 40% of visits are mobile. Give mobile visitors a great experience.

  • Meta tags: if you don't want the search engine to choose the snippet it displays in a SERP*, you can provide a suggested snippet in a meta tag, maximum 160 characters, e.g.

      <meta type='description' content='Summary of modern SEO rules: avoid tricks, use keywords and variations (i.e. LSI), good titles and meta descriptions; make it fast, mobile-friendly and secure.' />
  • Title: should be relevant, and unique (please not same title for every page of site, and don't prefix the title with the site name)

  • You want other people to link to you, particularly 'authorities'. Nurture good relationships with the people behind such sites.

  • Make sure to use google search console (formerly 'webmaster tools') and google analytics. Look for penalties and warnings.

Bonus rule:

  • Soon: insist on https. Today, insist on https for any page that has an input or textbox.

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