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207+ Super-Duper Resources to Help Build Your First Product

In this carefully-curated collection, you'll receive information about all the tools and resources (but none of the guidance) you need to help build your first product.

For expert guidance, you'll have to read the book ;-)

Most of these tools are free unless indicated otherwise.

Absolute favorites are denoted by a fire icon: πŸ”₯

Choosing a name

Domain Registration

There are 2500 ICANN-Accredited Registrars you can use to register your chosen domain. Here are the two I recommend:

Hosting, static frontend only

Hosting, your own server (VPS)

Hosting, platform as a service

Apart from AWS and Azure, above which are PaaS, there is also:

Static website generator / framework

CSS frameworks

Bootstrap Extras

Website Templates/Themes


Bulk Email, Mailing List, and Transaction Email

Email Templates

Logo & Icon & Favicon & App Icons

Graphics Tools



Stock Photos / Stock Art / Free Art


Fonts and Font pairing


Payment Processing


Site Reliability

Forum and community

Help/support system

Brain Storming/ Mind Mapping


Screen share

There are numerous others in this category but TeamViewer wins outright, so I haven't listed any others.

Whether connecting to your aged relative or a customer in need, TeamViewer is the right tool.

Research Sites (including Competitors)

To see estimated traffic numbers and visitor info about sites such as forums or competitors

Social Media

Marketing, Keywords, and SEO


It's become a compulsory item: put your websites on https. And with let's encrypt, it's free.


Legal Stuff

Other Business Tools

Blog Post Title Templates

Code Hosting


Academic Research

Meta (Other people's directories of resources)

Okay, that's the whole list... for now! I'm constantly revising it, adding more and taking things away.

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As described above, the book is a more robust way of walking through each topic and learning just what you need to know. The hardest part of starting an online business is making the 1001 tiny decisions you must make, and a list like the one above only exacerbates the problem. The book, in contrast, makes the decisions easier.